RUN RUN LIVE Podcast Interview

A few weeks ago I received an email from Chris Russell, the host over at Run Run Live podcast1Someone had told him that I would be an interesting person to interview. HA! While I am not so sure about being “interesting” it was a super fun conversation that lasted about 25 minutes. I talk about running, mom’ing, plant-based stuff and how the heck I squeeze it all in!


If you want to listen, you can click HERE. The beginning of his podcast starts with Chris talking about his marathon training and a piece on beating those winter blues.

My portion of the podcast  starts at about 18 minutes.

You can also listen on RunRunLive on  iTunes.

Many thanks to Chris over at RunRunLive Podcast for his time and interest and a big HELLO to the new readers his podcast had channeled my way.

It never ceases to amaze me the path our lives can take based on the people we meet in life. I have had an incredible February and I feel truly blessed.

February has been the month where I have felt my “plant-based super-powers” have been utilized the most and I look forward to helping and doing more! 🙂

Happy Trails!


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2 thoughts on “RUN RUN LIVE Podcast Interview”

  1. Trailmomma, that was painful. NOT ON YOUR PART, I might add. That poor guy clearly did NOT do his homework before the interview. In my own opinion here, he really didn’t allow you to speak freely. A number of times you began to add in something but he was to busy blabbering along. Do you think he even herd your french fry recipe??

    I believe that you have way more to share, that you are bright as ever, & your passion should be broadcasted. Please keep making your videos & speaking your truth.

    Have a wonderful month of March & Keep On Keeping On,

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