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I promise this will be the last post about my ankle. 🙂 I have other drafts in the pipeline and a small list of things I’d like to write about and express through

On Monday I had my follow up post-op appointment with my surgeon. My surgery was through Kaiser and if you have Kaiser, you know how difficult they can be. If you are pregnant or the issue is your child, they are generally awesome but for regular every day people, getting any sort of information or attention is a struggle.

Case in point is the issue I had with my initial consultation with my surgeon. She canceled or rescheduled three times but apparently, she’s quite good at her job making her very much in demand. That is a nice thing I suppose. After my surgery I had no communication minus  a brief email (that I initiated) from her when I had some questions. In person, she’s very attentive and you can have all your questions answered. The problem lies, when you leave her office. She’s constantly “out of office” so emailing is usually pointless (more on this later).

Back to Monday. Monday I arrived at the hospital and hobbled through the halls in my big black boot. I was very optimistic so I carried my spare shoe in a bag in my purse.

photo 1(3)

The nurse came in and cut my bandage off. I haven’t seen my ankle in ten days. I was walking around the house without the boot pretty easily a few days after surgery but I had to wear the boot any time I left the house. I also was very good about icing my ankle (or underneath my knee) a few times during the day.

photo 2(2)

Don’t worry, you can’t see much. I had two incision points. On one side the camera was inserted and on the other, the saw/tools. My surgeon printed and gave to me all the photos of my surgery. Crazy!!!! It was apparently such a huge bone spur that it actually blocked the camera’s view in certain spots. There was also a bunch of random “strings” (for lack of a medical term) all over the place. She cleaned all that up and removed the spur and then burned my bone to prevent regrowth.

The bone spur was so huge that it apparently has permanently deformed my talus bone but my surgeon doesn’t think that will cause any issues (other than a constant click when I move it certain ways). My ankle looked pretty amazing considering I had surgery just 10 days ago. She had to remove two stitches but for the most part, I had no swelling, no bruising and no pain. The surgeon was pretty impressed and actually gave me the “ok” to start running on soft surfaces at small distances!

I couldn’t believe my ears. However, I have yet to run (surprising I know). My incision sites have not been closing as I would like and I seem to be leaking a little bit of fluid. I don’t think it is anything serious but I am opting to not work out and not run until next week although I am doing my lunges (as instructed) and wearing regular shoes. I would email my surgeon about this but her out of office says she is out until some time in October! So, for the meantime I will just see how it progresses for the rest of the week.

It definitely feels weird. Not weak or anything and no pain, just this very weird feeling that is hard to explain.

I was thrilled to not have the boot though. I could shower normal again and I could drive normally again! I took advantage of my first day without the boot by driving the Peanut to school and then heading to Peet’s for a coffee. 🙂

photo 3(2)

That smiling face was the best start to my day. Not having the boot was just a bonus. ♥

The weather is changing around these parts. As much as I don’t want to see summer go, I am excited for fall. I absolutely love fall and all that goes with it like apples and pumpkins!! The apples right now are AMAZING!! My favorites are Pink Lady and Gala. Yum!!

I have a busy weekend ahead but I look forward to the excitement and energy that will begin in my house starting tomorrow night!!! More to come!

Peace & Pumpkins!


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So on Friday September 6th I had my long-awaited ankle surgery. Technically it was arthroscopic ankle surgery with the possibility for an arthrotomy but as far as I know, they only needed to “scope” it which is a good thing recovery wise. Since about 2009 (that’s my best guess as to when this all happened) I’ve had an anterior ankle impingement which has progressively become worse over the years. I can run but at a certain point (or mileage) my ankle would start to hurt (bad) and I would lose any flexibility. So if I was running trails, and I hit a rock, the whole foot, ankle, leg would jam instead of “giving” and it would completely lock up. Running hills was excruciating and I’ve had a swollen ankle since about 2009 as well. That’s a great look let me tell you.

Here is an image (not my real ankle) of what an ankle impingement or “bone spur” looks like….


According to my Doctors, my bone spur was not only huge, it also went down into the talus/joint area which ultimately prevented me from flexing my foot towards my face. That makes driving a car pretty awesome too.

I finally decided, after years of pain and really inhibited running, that I was done. I want to have a long running career and there are races that I want to run and races that I want to pace for others and this ankle problem, was seriously taxing my abilities. So I decided to finally go for the surgery.

I checked in late morning and the whole surgery took 3 hours. All I can say is that being under anesthesia is like having the best most restful sleep you could ever have but you pay the price later. I had a terrible headache and nausea from the anesthesia later that evening but it was worth it for how rested my body felt.

1Vans was sure to capture a post-op photo for me. That boot that you see on my foot as become my biggest enemy. What was nice is that I got out of surgery early enough that Vans was able to bring me home and get me settled while he ran out to pick up the Peanut from kindergarten and then Squeaker from daycare.

I just relaxed at home on the couch with a few pillows, some ice and the tv. It was quite nice.


What was even better was the fact that The Great Outdoors was on tv! I absolutely love that movie so I was content to just sit there. I was not given crutches, just the boot and some drugs (which I didn’t need). Vans picked up the girls and sent me this photo that made me laugh out loud.


They are just too silly when they are together. They also picked up some Thai food for me from my favorite Thai place down by our old neighborhood and brought it home.6

Yum!! Not only did he leave me with my favorite Thai food, he then took the girls out to the skate park for some event they were having.


They were having a blast eating ice cream and watching all the skate boarders and BMX bikers.

That first night was pretty easy going. Like I said earlier, I have had no pain at all with this surgery which has actually been a little surprising. I went to work the following Monday wearing that stinking boot and all was fine. I’ve developed a little bit of bruising near my heel but I think that may be some of the blood settling post surgery because so far so good.

The only pain in the butt is the boot which makes my whole body lopsided and has been causing some hip and back pain. I don’t wear it anymore while I am at home but going out of the house, I have to wear it (which means taking it off and on to drive, awesome).

Life has been the usual since the surgery, not much has changed except the fact that I can’t work out and I have to shower every other day at night wearing a garbage bag on my leg.

Yesterday, I decided to go to Athleta located in the Roseville Galleria because they host free yoga classes on Saturday mornings and I could use a stretch in my back/hip.

photo 4 (2)

Athleta is my all time favorite store. You’ll see once I start posting more about running and training because I’ll be bragging and reviewing all their clothes/gear that I own because it is my long time dream to be one of their “featured athletes.” I also wear a lot of their clothes to work too. Athleta’s clothes are just so well made and they have the most awesome return policy ever. Yes, a lot of their stuff is overpriced but compared to places like Lululemon, they are way more reasonable and really, I try really hard to only buy sale items when I can. So Vans, if you read my blog (hint hint). 🙂

Back to my ankle. Tomorrow I have my first follow-up post surgery. They did not give me much instruction when I left the hospital after surgery which I found kind of annoying. Basically I am to let pain and swelling be my guide. If I can get rid of the swelling, then I can start doing more things like squats and lunges and ultimately return to Breakout Fitness in the mornings with running soon to follow. Trail running cannot happen until I have complete and total strength and flexibility in my ankle.

So that’s about it … our weekend has been low-key which is kind of nice. Next weekend my family from New Jersey will be out visiting for a family reunion and I am attending Pigeon’s wedding which is going to be great. Squeaker has had a big girl bed for about a week as well. This morning she woke up and came to visit us and then disappeared … this is where I found her ….

photo 5 (2)I can’t help but smile either. 🙂

I hope everyone has a great week. Make sure to make some time to get outside no matter the weather and remember to give thanks to Mother Nature for all she gives to us each day.



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First off, YEA! We are back in business with posting and photos which is a good thing because I have a back log of things to post about.

A few weeks ago, we took the girls to Old Sacramento for the Gold Rush Days. We’d never been and it was the last day (Labor Day) of the whole weekend.

086This is a brothel. No, the girls didn’t ask what that was thank goodness.


But they were a little confused by the reenactment. 🙂

So the entire Old Sacramento area was transformed into what the Gold Rush Days looked like in the 1850s. They brought in dirt to pour over the concrete streets and they had horses and wagons all over the place. It was really really neat and it was FREE. At one point (in the above photos) they closed off one section of the street for a “reenactment” of what a typical scene would be at a brothel back in the 1850s. All the “characters” were dressed for the part. Basically the “women” of the town were enraged that a brothel even existed and so they would protest out front to “shut the doors and remove the sinners!” The men on the other hand, enjoyed the saloons that were below the brothels and then of course, would venture upstairs to visit the “ladies. ” Eventually, fights and the like would break out and consequently, the brothels would catch fire and burn to the ground. So in this reenactment the brothel caught fire, the old firetrucks (pulled by horses) arrived to “save” the brothel women and put the fire out. It was done with some humor too.


This old guy was in the brothel and came out with a stick of dynamite in his pants. It was kind of funny watching him. After they finished with the show, they opened up the street and let the kids visit with the actors and the horses.


Squeaker was shocked at how BIG the horses were as she got near them.

We wandered around and visited some of the stores that were open for business normally in Old Sac like the candy shop. They let you try anything you want so the girls were in heaven.

At the far end of town, tents were set up for display showing how people made money in the 1850s. I stopped with the girls at one tent as I was fascinated watching the woman spin, what was essentially a “doily.”  It must have taken forever to make huge ones.


Just look at all those “sticks” used to make the doily!

They also sold sarsaparilla in these really cool bottles. Instead of sarsaparilla we bought lemonade since none of us drink soda. Surprisingly, both girls really liked the lemonade, especially Squeaker!

135Trust me, that’s lemonade! But the photo is hilarious.

We found a really shady spot under a tree to sit and rest. All of a sudden a group of men on horseback came over and started practicing these crazy “fighting” drills on their horses. The girls were pretty excited watching them ride right by us.


 Regulators, mount up!


Totally into it.


Charging the “enemy” with their swords.

Afterwards, they wandered into town and we were there to watch them. They waved at the girls who were getting pretty tired and hungry at this point.


Our final stop on the way back to the car was the old school house. It was not actually used in the 1850s but was built to show what a school house in Sacramento looked like. The real school houses were located at the edge of town apparently. Regardless, the girls really enjoyed going inside and sitting at the desks.


Using the chalk board notebooks.

Overall, this was a really cool experience and Vans and I both agreed that it was a lot of fun. Sacramento has a lot to do and sadly we don’t often make the trip or the time to do what is offered in our own backyard so to speak. I definitely want to return to the Gold Rush Days next year if we can.

Next up, my surgery and how things are going. It was a week last Friday that I had my ankle surgery. It seems like ages ago to me though.

Happy Weekend! Make time to get outside and be active. Your body and mind will thank you.


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Having some issues with the computer (as I mentioned before). It seems I can post photos from any other computer BUT my own laptop. Not sure why that is.

My old website however seems to work fine now! Ugh! Talk about being frustrated.

So I apologize for jumping back and forth, but you can read about our 2013 Camping trip (as I promised before) by clicking on the link below. My apologies!


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I promised I would be back with photos but we having some technical difficulties here. It seems I can no longer up load photos to my website. At first I thought it was because we had a virus on our computer (which we did but has since been fixed) but for some reason, this WordPress website program has stopped allowing me the option to upload photos.

I am sort of regretting this website move as Blogger is so much easier and intuitive. I like the control of the design I have on this site (and of course having my own domain name) but it is really frustrating to navigate on here.

So please excuse this brief break in posting. I have drafts prepared but I don’t want to publish without photos.

If there are any experienced WordPress bloggers out there, I’d appreciate any feedback you have. Meanwhile, I am off to contact Go Daddy for help.


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