Yesterday was Van’s birthday. In the past we’ve gone on some great trips as a family to Tahoe or Tiburon to celebrate but with the start of kindergarten, we had to keep things closer to home this year.

photo 2

Vans had to work so the day started off pretty normal but after work, the girls and I took him to The Purple Place which is one of our family favorites. I had arranged for two other families (each with two kids) to meet us there for dinner and drinks. Craziness ensued but in a good way.

photo 3Squeaker has had some tummy troubles lately and as a result, we’ve taken her off dairy. Things have steadily been improving so we’ve occasionally let her have some dairy here and there, but never too much (don’t worry, I won’t get on my soap box now and rant about how terrible dairy is for you). The girl is a dairy addict and so last night when all the kids got the grilled cheese as their dinner, Squeaker’s eyes lit up. As typical kids do, they all nibbled their sandwiches leaving about a inch plus crust (god forbid they take a bite too close to the crust!). Squeaker just inhaled hers. Whole. I don’t think she even chewed it. A few minutes later I catch her sitting in the corner with more grilled cheese! “Where did she get that!?” I think, then I realized, she’d been stealing all the left over grilled cheese corners from all the other kid’s plates and was eating them! She must have consumed about 4 grilled cheese sandwiches last night! Oh boy.

photo 4

Yum! Grilled Cheese Please!

During dinner the owner of The Purple Place came over to say hello and see how our dinner was that evening. We mentioned that it was Van’s birthday and he immediately wanted to buy him a shot! Vans declined so instead the manager brought over this huge bowl of vanilla ice creaming sitting on top of a huge oreo cookie brownie! All the kids went bug eyed when it arrived and the manager had to go back and get 10 spoons and little bowls. The kids (and Vans) were in heaven. Squeaker had a small bowl too … that girl is going to have a tummy ache today for sure!

After dinner we went home where Vans opened his birthday presents and cards. All in all, I think it was a nice evening. He even mustered up enough energy to go back out with the guys and hit a few bars while all us girls just went to bed. Yup, I am lame like that. I was tired.

Not a whole lot planned for this weekend. We do have a babysitter coming on Saturday (woot woot) so that Vans and I could have dinner and have a nice night out although it IS the last concert in the park (our kids love concert in the park) so I kind of feel guilty not taking them.

Tomorrow morning I am taking an online class from Ange over at Hol-Fit. She teaches these awesome PowHow classes and this will be my fourth. My favorite has been her Meal Prep class where she teaches you how to make the most out of an hour or two on the weekends to prep your meals for the week. Tomorrow’s class is her Back to School Edition where she will explain how to prep lunches for the week for our little ones that are healthy and won’t take up our weekday evenings. I am excited even though I have a feeling my girls won’t eat half of the healthy food she is going to suggest but I love Ange’s teaching methods and delivery and really just enjoy supporting her in these types of things because she does make a difference. She definitely has changed my way of thinking about a few things and for that I am truly greatful.

I also hope to get a Ridge Loop of Death run in prior to her class … I just need to muster up the strength as Diane’s workouts this week have been leaving me super sore! In a good way though!

Happy Friday all!

photo 5

♥ Trailmomma


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Even though it is only Tuesday, so far it has been a good week! Tonight I came home to find a package in my mailbox from this girl. Woo hoo! A few weeks ago, I commented on her blog and I won a pink HooRag!

photo 1

 Krista, as you can see from her blog, has a bunch of uses for her HooRag (and looks a helluva lot better in it than I do). I took the easy route and did what I thought was probably the easiest (and dullest) of uses.

photo 2

Snot rag on the wrist for running.

photo 3

Horrible photo Neck Scarf for colder running weather

photo 4

Something to wear when I rob a bank or run in this smokey weather.

photo 5

Or the good old doorag/head band look

Right after I took that last photo the Peanut entered the room and said “Mommy, what is on your head? Isn’t that what old ladies wear?” Hmm, smart kid.

Even though I have not been running very much lately, I have plenty of ideas for the HooRag and I can’t wait to put them to use.

You can always check out their website: www.hoorag.com if you want to see their youtube video to learn more or purchase one. Vans kind of liked it as he needs something to wear under his bike helmet to collect his sweatiness. I am so glad I won a pink one! He won’t steal that from me the way he has taken my various arm sleeves in the past.

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Welcome!! Originally I used www.trailmomma.blogspot.com as my blog location. If you want go back and read where it all started, feel free as I do not plan on closing that blog any time soon. It holds a dear place in my heart and my goal to eventually print all my posts into a book format for Squeaker and Peanut still holds true.

However, I am attempting to move forward with technology and dabble in a little web-design so please bear with me during this transition period.

When it comes to race reports however, I plan to update both sites as that is something I tend to go back to from time to time and if for some reason, I choose not to keep www.trailmomma.com up and running after my contract date, I’ll always have my race reports over at www.trailmomma.blogspot.com (for those who are interested in that kind of thing).

So, welcome and wish me luck on the new site!


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