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Home from Plant-Stock and trying to get back into our routine and into the swing of things.

One of those “things” was running the annual Buffalo Chips sponsored Buffalo Stampede 10 Mile race. I have been doing this race since we lived right on the course many years ago.

It is a road race, not a trail race which meant I had to dust off my road shoes and hoped they still fit.

Last time I wore these was for CIM December 2015.
Last time I wore these was for CIM in December 2015.

The morning was a bit chaotic so I ended up leaving the house solo and letting Vans and the girls sleep in. The plan was for the Peanut and Squeaker to run the kid’s free half mile race when my race was over. There was no reason to wake them up at the crack of dawn to drive down and wait.

Having left the house much later than I wanted, I arrived at Rio Americano High School, parked the car, RAN to the race area, picked up my race bib and schwag bag and then ran BACK to the car to put that all away. I then pinned on my number and raced to the starting area with about six minutes to spare. Whew!

The race started and I just tried to find a groove. I had no expectations for this race. I haven’t been running regularly enough nor have I done any speed work. I just decided to let whatever happen, happen and hope I lived to blog about it.

Mile 1 (8:13 pace) : Okay, that’s probably about as fast as I will be able to manage today…that’s fine. Good pace.

Mile 2 (8:14 pace) : Yup. Hey look there is Allyson! She’s running strong.

Mile 3 (8:00 pace) : Okay. That’s okay. Still seems manageable. You tend to run faster when chatting with people.

Mile 4 (7:51 pace) : Hmm, that was quite a jump but it is because I am running past my old house and while I know Vans and the girls won’t be there, I always speed up here thinking I’ll see them. Settle down. 

Mile 5 (7:58 pace) : Yup, slowing back down. Uh oh! What’s that? A giant turkey?! Oh geez, not again!

Mile 6 (7:49 pace) : Your pace is faster only because of the turkey, I am blaming the turkey on this one. Where did he go?

Mile 7 (7:58 pace) : Is that them!? Is that my family?! No. Man, there are a lot of tall skinny guys who have cute blonde little girls out on this course. 

Mile 8 (7:47 pace) : Just hang with these two guys. You’ve been behind them all day and they are setting a nice pace. BEEP BEEP! Hey! Look! It’s Vans and the girls! They made it. Now just stay steady. Don’t go crazy. 

Mile 9 (7:52 pace) : What!? My pace guys are pulling away! They must not want to be “chicked” at the last minute haha. Come on, you can do it, pick up the pace. Move past this group but keep it steady, you still have a mile to go.

Mile 10 (7:49 pace) : There they are! I see my family! They made it! Woo hoo you did it! Now don’t hurl, whatever you do, don’t hurl! Your kids are watching!

The Peanut cheering me on at the finish.
The Peanut cheering me on at the finish.

While I hadn’t set out to race this by any means, I did end up with a 17 second PR! Whoo hoo. I ended the race 6th in my age group (out of 60) and a sub 8 pace (per my Garmin – official race results have  me at about 8 mins).

After my race was the kid’s 1/2 mile free fun run on the track. Both the Peanut and Squeaker showed up ready to run. Squeaker’s best friend from her old daycare also joined them and it is total cuteness from here on out!

Squeaker and her BFF about to run!
Squeaker and her BFF about to run!

Ready set go! They all took off!


Squeaker blew me away. She kept a great starting pace while all the other kiddos took off like a bat outta hell. Eventually, all the speedsters slowed down realizing that two laps, is kinda hard!

Even the Peanut was winded and tired but not Squeaker! That girl just kept going!

My little speed demon
My little speed demon

When they completed their two laps, Squeaker said, “Can we do it again!?” 🙂

And they did. She and her BFF walk/ran another two laps around the track bringing their distance to a full mile! She’s five! 🙂

Racing kids!
Racing kids!

It was so adorable to watch. I hope that we can get these three together again soon for another run.

The rest of Sunday was spent visiting with an old friend of Van’s and then home for a nice family afternoon.

I was pretty hungry after my  race and only had a few random things in the fridge.

Homemade Chipotle Bowl
Homemade Chipotle Bowl

I took some left over rice that we had in the fridge and I threw it in a pan with some lime juice and some veggie broth and cooked until warmed through. I added a bunch of cilantro and cooked it a little longer. I then layered the bowl. Steamed kale with vinegar on the bottom, my cilantro lime rice in the middle followed by some oil free roasted onions and zucchini. Some salsa to finish and voila, an easy homemade post race meal that really hit the spot.

I do say that was a perfect Sunday after a weekend of traveling.

Happy Trails!


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Dearest Squeaker,

It is hard to believe that you are turning 5 years old and leaving the only “school” you have ever known. Daycare is over my dear. Welcome to Kindergarten. Welcome to life!

Kindergarten Orientation 2016
Kindergarten Orientation 2016

Besides getting taller, not much has changed with you in a year. You still wake up smiling (most of the time), eager to get dressed so long as you can pick out the clothes. You are always ready to start your day.

Even with a crown.
Even with a crown.

I love that you tried soccer, basketball and t-ball this year sometimes as the only girl on the team. Always in a tutu.


I love that despite your hesitations, you tried out for the TAZ Swim Team and now join your sister in practices, laps and laughter.

Gathering ribbons!
Gathering ribbons!

I love the sing-a-longs during our long commutes home. I will miss belting out Bon Jovi and PINK lyrics with you while dancing down the freeway each afternoon.

My partner in crime.
My partner in crime.

I love that you are eager to learn. You ask us, “How do you spell ….” probably 10 times a day at least.

I love that you get frustrated with the boys at daycare “for not listening!” Honey, that may never change. 🙂


I love when you get excited that Daddy is home and you run to the garage to help him do yard work or fix his bike.

Daddy's girl
Daddy’s girl

I love that you still adore your sister even when she is not nice to you. I also love that you call her out when she is being mean. You can push her buttons better than anyone but she is still your everything.


I love that when you grow up, you tell people that you want to be a mom. My heart grows about tens sizes every time I hear it.


I have no doubts that you will be a fantastic mom.

I love that you have such a connection with your Poppy and that you ask to talk to him all the time.


I love that your energy and laughter is infectious. Your giggles make those around you smile.


Most of all Squeaker, I love that you see life as one giant adventure. You are forever curious, forever attentive and always ready to go.


I hope you never lose that spark I see when I look at you and I know others see as well. You have something kid, something special and I know that you will go far if you follow your heart.

The first of many graduations for you.
The first of many graduations for you.

You make us proud Squeaker. You make us laugh. You make us love. You make me happy to be your mom.

Folsom Lake 1

Thank you for blessing this family with your imagination, your sense of humor and your unwavering love and kindness.


Happy Birthday Squeaker!!  We love you to the moon and back!

My heart always,


Some classic Squeaker memories …

Always trying to make us laugh - even if it meant wearing underwear on the outside of her clothes.
Always trying to make us laugh – even if it meant wearing underwear on the outside of her clothes.
Always cracking herself up. Not much has changed.
Always cracking herself up. Not much has changed.
Our always smiling girl.
Our always smiling girl.



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2016 has arrived and I have yet to blog about anything. Mostly I just don’t have anything that I would consider “post worthy” to take up your valuable time. Trust me when I say that I value time these days. I seem to have very little to spare since the new year has arrived.

So much so, that my blogging here has suffered.

I could list out my “New Year’s Resolutions,” but I won’t.

I could list all the races that I am planning to do, but I won’t.

I have both, I just don’t feel much like writing about them. Perhaps I will write about them as they come up?

One big thing for me in 2016 is that this is the last year that I can say, “I am in my 30s.” Come December 11, 2016, that phrase will no longer ring true. Not that being 40 is a bad thing, 40 IS the new 20 or so I hear. Okay, maybe I made that up but it does signify a big change.

Not only do I move to a new age bracket when it comes to racing and running, I also move that much closer to being able to get the senior discount at the movies! Alright, I am being a bit dramatic I agree.

But have you SEEN that Full House is coming back to TV, only now will be called Fuller House and that DJ, Stephanie and Michelle (who I guess isn’t on the show) are all grown up and have kids?  That show started in 1987 and I was a loyal fan. Okay, I was a loyal fan to a lot of 80s/90s TV shows (I wanted to marry Kevin Arnold, be best friends with Laura Ingalls and be adopted by Mr. and Mrs. Brady OR the Keaton family – it changed daily).

Still, time is FLYING and I can’t seem to stop it no matter how hard I try. The Peanut is taking guitar lessons and is really into music. It happened on a whim and now she seems to enjoy it.

Music Lover
Music Lover

Squeaker will be entering kindergarten this year and will finally (after years of doing a terrible commute) be in the same school as the Peanut. She’s becoming such little girl instead of a “baby” these days. She’s funny, smart and man, if that girl doesn’t love fashion.

Run Way Girl
Run Way Girl

I just love spending time with them yet with all our activities and that thing called work there just isn’t enough time. I want more.

So blogging has been moved to the bottom rung of things to do these days. I am sure once we get into the swing of our routine in 2016 I may blog more. With El Nino here, my trail runs should be way more exciting almost reminiscent of my 2010 training days which will surely warrant a post now and then.

I want to get back into editing some trail videos too like I did here as well as my family’s home movies. We just have to figure out that “storage” problem on our computer (ahem, Vans).

I have quite a few travel plans already scheduled for 2016 too so of course I’d like to blog about those as well.

But for now, be patient. Things will resume to a new-semi-normal routine I am sure. Too normal is boring but semi-normal is sustainable.

Happy  New Year to all of you! I hope you seek and find whatever adventure you may be looking for this year. Cherish the time you have with those you love. Life is way too short and way too precious.

My precious loves
My light and  loves

Happy Trails!




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Dearest Squeaker,

Happy Fourth Birthday my little firefly! I am not quite sure where another year has gone but I do know it has been one amazing adventure with you.


From the moment that you wake up in the morning you are smiley, feisty and curious. The questions that you ask and the things that you observe, blow us away.


I love that you cannot control your body when you hear music and that you mess up the lyrics to songs much the way that I do.


I love that you tell your sister that you love her daily even when she tells you to stop. You always ask where she is when she is not home and you love to be by her side wherever we go.


I love that you can go off and play by yourself always finding something to occupy your brain even if it means that you have pulled every item you own out of your closet.


I love that you are so strong and so independent. You dress yourself almost every morning being very particular about what outfit you wear.


I love that you insist that you want Rapunzel hair and even though you can barely see anything through your bangs and your hair inevitably ends up in your food.


I love that you still love to ride bikes and wear tutus  usually at the same time and that you have no fear in anything that you do.


I love that you always ask to help me with dinger (aka dinner) even though sometimes it frustrates us when you won’t eat it.


I love that on our 40+ minute commute home every day, you talk nonstop about your day, what is outside your window and what songs you want played on the radio. And yes, you can play I Spy on a freeway for the entire ride … “I spy a white car mommy!” …


I love that you tell me that when you grow up, you want to be a mommy. I think you will make the world’s greatest mommy.


I love that you wander off to your room to sit in your rocking chair and read books that you have stolen from your sister.

I love that you came home and announced that you were marrying your best friend from preschool.  Despite being many years from this reality, I can’t help but see you walking down the aisle someday as a beautiful and confident bride.


I love that you give your dad a hard time and that you give him a good dose of stubbornness to keep him on his toes.


I love that you try will anything at least once and that you strive to get better and better when you find something that you like.


I love that you go to your sister’s swim meets every weekend with barely a complaint and that you cheer for her with all your heart and soul.


I love that you love to run and that you love to ride your bike. You do it because you love it and not because you know Daddy and I do too.


Most of all Squeaker, I love the joy and laughter you bring to our family. There is not a day that goes by that I cannot imagine you in it with us. While I struggle with you getting older, I am excited to watch you grow. You have a fire within you that I cannot explain. A twinkle in your eye that never seems to dim. Even when we are so mad at you, you know just what to say to make us laugh and forget what it is that you did.


Squeaker you complete this family and we wish you nothing but the best for the year ahead. Thank you for being our spitfire kid. The kid that reminds us we can’t leave scissors laying about. The kid that reminds us that if the house is quiet, something or someone is getting messy. The kid whose kisses and hugs mean more than gold because you don’t just give those out freely, you make people work for it. As they should.


Happy 4th Birthday Squeaker!







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Dearest Squeaker,

Today you turn three years old. Where has the time gone?! Seriously. It really did feel like yesterday that I felt you kicking the crap out of my insides every single time I turned on PINK when driving. It felt like last week that we were snuggled all comfy in your recliner chair with our beloved Boppy having a little “mid-night snack” (FYI I still have that Boppy, I cannot part with it). Wasn’t it just the other day that you started rolling all over the house (you never crawled, you rolled on your side faster than a log rolling down a hill).


Squeaker you have truly undoubtedly changed our little family, for the better. We skipped baby-proofing 101 the first time around but you, you bring that element to a WHOLE new level (example: coming out of the bathroom covered in band-aids that you “discovered” in the super high medicine cabinet).


You awake with a smile and a giggle almost every morning. You were my “baby that slept from day one” for SO long … (um, what has happened?). 🙂

You refused to try a bottle for four long agonizing months which was very stressful for a momma who wanted to go and escape for a run once in a while (not to mention Daddy Vans who was left home with a hungry cranky Squeaker).


Long commutes? No problem. You chit chat the entire 40 minute ride home about everything and anything that enters your amazingly smart little brain.


Surprisingly no one has ever asked me why we call you Squeaker. When you were born, your throat did not fully close and therefore you really could not cry (not the way most babies can). You could only “squeak.”  You also had a difficult time swallowing and you hated being swaddled. Sleeping in the pack and play in our room was horrible for you so we moved you to your crib which caused great anxiety within my sleepless mommy brain. I wanted you near me. I wanted to ease your pain but you never had any. You have been independent since the day you were born!


You challenge us, you frustrate us and you make us laugh. You, Squeaker, are the whole package in one tiny little body.


You have always been a great “eater” (minus that thing with the bottles, but who can blame you on that one). To this day, your appetite is insatiable at times and you LOVE LOVE LOVE Whole Food’s black bean burritos.


You follow your sister around like she is gold. Yet you can tease her just like an older sister and you can still milk the snuggles and hugs when you need them.


Your body never stops moving and your mind never stops turning. You process everything you see and you annunciate better than any kid I know (what 2 year old can fully say the name Enrique?)!



You love your bike and you love tutus and the color pink! You love playing outside with the wind in your hair … sometimes without underwear on (my little free bird).


No matter what,  you have an unstoppable twinkle in your eye, a smirk beyond all smirks and fire inside you that I pray will never ever blow out. When I look at you, I smile. When I watch you sleep, I sigh. When you tell me that you love me, my eyes tear ever so slightly because my love for you knows no bounds.


Your humor is astounding (and catchy). At the tender age of 2, you could grasp sarcasm and dish it out like no one else.


You are fearless at times and yet know how to pull the shy card to get what you want. Nothing is too big for you to climb, ride or descend.


We are the lucky ones Squeaker. Lucky to have you in our lives every day. Your spirit is infectious and your spell hypnotic. Everyone loves you. The world is your oyster, an unchartered map, an adventure that I hope you enjoy and that fulfills you.


Happy 3rd Birthday Squeaker. May your day be full of laughter, play-doh and singing. My world revolves around  you and my life would be incomplete without you.


You complete our family in more ways than you can ever imagine. You keep Vans on his toes (which he needs) and you are the “bestest” friend your sister could ever ask for in life.


We look forward to what the future brings and how you will grow. I am not sure we will be able to keep up with your antics and shenanigans but I look forward to trying. Happy Third Birthday my beautiful girl. Never settle. Never give up. Never be anyone other than you.


Happy Trails Birthday!

~ love Trailmomma




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