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08.12.2015 UPDATE to the Plant-Based Page:

So I cannot create a separate page that will post like my homepage will. That is purely a WordPress thing, HOWEVER, I have created “categories” within my blog so when you want or need something that relates to being “plant-based” that is the category you need to search for when you visit this page.

To the left of my (newly designed) website, I have a drop down category menu (Trailmomma Topics) where you can choose which topic you want to know more about.  I still plan to post when I can more plant-based information in addition to my running stories and race reports.

I just wanted to revisit the Plant-Based side of things.

Now that I have my blog up and running and transferred from my previous site, I will work on this category more.

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So whether you “know me” in real life or whether you just follow me here the blog and online stalk me on Facebook, you’ll realize that my Facebook Page and my blog do not exactly “gel” in a way that has a purpose.

I have always known this. It never really bothered me much but I knew that some day, a purpose would present itself.

That day has finally come.

While my Facebook and Instagram pages mostly contain pictures of meals that I have eaten or prepared, they also on occasion will contain tidbits of information that pertain to Plant-Based living. Plant-based living AND training really.

There was a stretch for a while when I was training for my 50K and 50 Mile races that people were emailing, commenting or posting to my page almost daily asking me for the recipe of the cookies that I ate during my training runs.

Peanut Butter Banana Cookies (for my runs - and well every minute in-between)
Peanut Butter Banana Cookies (for my runs – and well every minute in-between)

Now, my golden rule is that I will not post a recipe unless I can find it online somewhere else. Initially, I was following a recipe for these cookies that I had read in a book but then, I found the recipe here online, and so I feel that makes it free game for all to see.

I did tweak my cookies ever so slightly for training purposes (think almond butter, a sprinkle of sea salt etc).

In addition to the recipe inquires, I get a lot of questions about how I fuel during my races or training runs. What do I eat? What did I carry in my hydration pack? What do I eat for recovery? Now, I am by no means perfect by any stretch of the word, but I do a lot of research and I do a lot of trial and error tests.

SO … why not put all that nutritional info, trial and error blurbs and recipe mumbo jumbo here? At work I developed a Plant-Based Group where I have 36 people asking me on a daily basis questions about moving in the plant-based direction and how to do it in a manageable way.

I just think it makes sense now to branch this blog off in some capacity into the other passionate area of my life, living, cooking and running a plant-based life-style.

So if you are interested in the plant-based info, then check out the CATEGORIES section on the right hand side of your screen. If you click on Plant-Based then you will see all the posts about plant-based topics. If you want Trail Running, click on Trail Running and so on.

So what do you all think? Two thumbs up or nah? Maybe you’ll just ignore this page but I hope not. I hope in some way, I can inspire you to have a meat-less Monday on your calendar or perhaps to put down those gels and try some real food on your next run.

I love comments. Okay, I actually live for comments on here so feel free to let me know what you think!



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4 thoughts on “Plant-Based Info”

  1. I like this idea! Sometimes I see things on your facebook feed but when I go back to look I can’t find the post. This will consolidate things =) And I totally agree with the gels. I’m more of a real food fueler too. It’s nice to have ideas about new things to try.

  2. I’m really excited for this new part of your blog – we are doing more plant based here too! Love your expertise and input!

    1. Thanks! Me too. I just need to figure out how to make it happen. Haha
      The format of the blog is not working but I am working on it so stay tuned. Glad to hear about the plant-based news too!

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